Dear Customers,

After careful consideration during the break we have decided to close the restaurant.

We know this decision will disappoint so many of you who made us your regular spot and it breaks Noi’s heart to walk away.

Thank you for honoring us with your patronage and for allowing us to serve you!

We will miss most of you a lot, some of you a little and a couple of you not so much at all.

To all of you, we hope you enjoy the best of luck in 2020 and beyond!


Noi and David

Great Thai Food

Join us for great Thai food in our fun, relaxed atmosphere! Whether you’re just in by yourself for a quick bite, on a dinner date or celebrating a birthday among friends – Thai, How Are You? is a great place to fill-up for lunch with some of the tastiest food on the Drag!


Sun. - Sat. Closed